Not to Worry If You Have Lost Your Phone

The popularity of WhatsApp, the instant messaging app, is such that one would certainly go crazy if they lose access to it even for a day. With no WhatsApp on board, one would simply go incommunicado. Imagine, you have lost your phone! The first concern to hit your mind would certainly be the precious WhatsApp chats and conversations! This post is going to help you with some easy guidelines that would tell you how to keep your chats safe and secured, in case you end up losing your smartphone.

  • Locking your SIM card is probably the most important thing you should do at the first place. You can just call your mobile service provider and get it locked. And, the fact that WhatsApp doesn’t get activated without a verification call would debar other people from verifying your account as WhatsApp.
  • Once done with this primary thing, you can buy a new SIM card with the same number and retrieve the old WhatsApp account on your new phone.
  • However, WhatsApp can only be activated with one number in one device at a time.
  • Now in case, you don’t want to go for a new SIM card, dropping an email to support would be a help for sure. In the mail, you can just include your phone number in full international format and raise a request for deactivation.
  • However, after you get a new SIM with your previous number, restoring the old messages would just be a minute’s task. Once you install the app and your mobile number is verified, you will be given an instant choice whether or not to restore the old messages. .

In this context, you should also know about these important factors listed below-

  • WhatsApp doesn’t help in locating your lost smartphone device.
  • In case, you don’t activate your account within a month (30 days to be specific), it will be deleted permanently.
  • Once you reactivate the account before it’s deleted, you will still be there in all group chats. Also, if there are any pending messages, you will receive them instantly.
  • If you have not gone for any account deactivation request, you can use your account via Wi-Fi as well.
  • Last but not the least; your contacts can still send you messages and they will be in a pending state for up to thirty days.

You must have heaved a sigh of relief by now!