Now when fly fishing has heated up the scenario, the weather has heated up too.  So, what should be the answer? Breathable waders for sure! Gone are those days when fishing waders were meant to be heavyweight and uncomfortable. The weighty and old-fashioned rubber waders would not only irritate the fishers, but also suppress their inclination for fishing. But, quite thankfully, today’s advanced technology has proved to be a boon to the anglers. Yes, the time has come for you to bid adieu to the non-breathable, heavy waders and try today’s quality ones on board. Nowadays, slipping into a fishing wader has almost become similar to tripping into your favorite cotton pants. So, how to choose the best fly fishing waders for men, women & kids?

  • Breathable wader should be the prime choice. The wader you buy must allow your perspiration to get away along with thwarting the outside water to enter your outfit. Synthetic or neoprene waders are worth spending money for. They are breathable, comfortable and durable as well.
  • For fly fishing in a hot summer day, nothing can be better than a lightweight wader. Thus, make sure you check the weight before buying one. The more lighter it is, the more comfortable you are likely to become. Moreover, stockingfoot wader has always been a better option than that of the bootfoot waders.
  • Also, it’s wiser not to waste your money for an insulated wader unless you fly fish in a sub-freezing or near-freezing water.
  • The waders you buy will accompany you every time you go for fly fishing and especially, if angling is your profession or hobby, don’t you think opting for branded products would be the wisest act on your part? Redington, Patagonia, Simms and Orvis are quite a few reputed brands manufacturing fly fishing waders.

So, now when you have already got the best pair of waders, some effective fly fishing techniques would take you even closer to your goal.

  • Wade gently and softly in the water. A rash wading can frighten the fish.
  • A polarized sunglass and a round hat will help you stalk the fish better. So, while buying a wader, purchase a shade and a hat too.
  • Surveys have to state that almost 90% of the fish fraternity stay below the water’s surface. So, keep this in mind before taking the next step. Also, keep your eyes rolling over the bugs on the water surface. Your next prey may be hidden right there!
  • Instead of creating ripples in the water, be patient. Well-observing the trout is the best way how you can fish easily. So, slow down, take your time, observe the surroundings and then angle your equipment in the perfect position.

So, what are you still wasting your time for? You can easily look for your favorite wader in market, or else, if you don’t want to elbow the mad crowd up there, you can order it online as well. You will find a number of online corners selling top-end fly fishing waders. Choosing the best among those is where your talent lies in.