Your Car Needs the Best Care from your End

With the high car repair cost on board, vehicle breakdown is surely the last thing you would ever want to confront! Isn’t it? But, what you don’t know is proper maintenance can actually save you from getting thumped by the bulky bills every now and then. Maintaining the longevity of your car engine can be as easy as a cakewalk, if you are wise enough to follow quite a few simple guidelines, and, this post is going to help you with the same.  

Use the right engine oil

Yes, the right engine oil can create a considerable difference in the performance of your vehicle. Provided, you have chosen the right oil, it will not only perk up the efficiency of the engine, but will also extend its longevity to a significant extent. So, before you go for a certain type of lubricant, make sure that it has the perfect blend of base oil and additives. As for instance, DRIVOL PRIMA PLUS or DRIVOL NULIFE ULTRA are quite ideal for car engines, as these synthetic blend oil are attributed with high-mileage power stroke. Along with reducing oil consumption, a good blend of oil will help you experience less-friction as well.

Test out the fluids

Checking the level of antifreeze, brake fluid, steering fluid and transmission fluid is one of the most effective ways how you can curtail down maintenance costs of your vehicle to a great extent. Also, if your car has a transparent plastic tank, the job becomes even easier for you. However, opting for universal antifreeze would be the smartest act on your part. Antifreeze keeps your engine cool by reducing the chances of water in the engine from overheating.  However, DRIVOL ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is widely recommended by experts for its prolonged transmission life and optimized thermal strength. Moreover, changing the fluids quite frequently boost up the effectiveness of car engines.

A proper care will save your pocket

Whether it’s a brand new car or an old one, taking the best care of it would not only enable you to reduce the maintenance cost, but would also get you the best worth for your money. At the same time, taking expert’s advice quite occasionally would help you in more than one way. No matter how much occupied you are in your daily schedule, make sure you get the vehicle inspected by the specialists at least once a week. What you may overlook, an expert can detain just in a second! Also, never rend such fallacy in your mind that weekly maintenance would create a dent in your pocket. On the contrary, by saving your engine from developing frequent hitches, it will actually grease up your wallet in the long run.

 So, what are you still mulling over? The time has come for you to take the best care of your vehicle and stir up its efficacy to the fullest.