Google Purchases Smartwatch Tech from Fossil

Acquiring the smartwatch technology was something that had been in the search giant’s bucket list for a long time and now, with agreeing to procure the same from Fossil Group, it has given a strong boost to its own efforts. As per the reports from both the companies, $40 million will be paid for Fossil intellectual property and a large number of employees from Fossil’s research & development segment would join Google. However, the remaining 200 heads will continue serving Fossil and play an active role in innovating and developing their products.

The free software called Wear OS has been provided by Google for several years and there were also many companies that bought the software to make their own internet-enabled watches. But, with Apple ruling the market, the sales of the software were meant to lag behind and it happened likewise. Also, there were other top competitors like Samsung and Fitbit that had dominated the industry till date. However, with both the ventures opting for different pebble-based routes including Tizen and Fitbit OS, Google happened to consider only Apple as its core competitor. And, thus, it didn’t take much time to put a nod to its partner’s offerings. And, the fact that Fossil has a strong know-how about this technology has instigated the search giant into this solid march yet more.

The notion behind sticking to wearables was quite simple. Meant for wellness, wearables do have the potential to perk up lives to a significant extent. By enabling the users to get proper information and insights in real-time, wearables pave the way for more simplicity and helpfulness. Google believes that the partnership with Fossil has got them even more committed to the wearable industry, as they will now be able to serve the diverse demands for smartwatches and fulfill the ongoing needs of the consumers.

Fossil also seems to be excited with the match. A strong understanding of consumers’ preferences is right behind the success story of the brand and with this gusto on board, the company has now pioneered a technology that is likely to spruce up its existing platform of wearables yet more.  Especially, considering Google as its innovation partner, Fossils seems to unravel the growth of smartwatches to a new height.

The America based fashion designing company, Fossil Group Inc has also introduced ‘Sport’ as one of the finest categories. Offering a widespread portfolio including leather goods, jewellery, smartwatches and wearables, the company has already spread its network across 150 countries and more than 500 retail locations. Creating a strong business hold over Pixel Book, Pixel tablet and Pixel smartphones is something Google was always after. And, the procurement of the smartwatch technology from Fossil is an evidence to the fact that Google can start working on a Pixel wearable quite soon. This ‘smart’ technology is also expected to heighten the prominence of the search engine yet more.