5 New Tech Features That Will Transform Your Cruise Experience
Step into Floating Smart Cities!

The idea of spending a couple of nights in some floating hotel must have excited you since childhood. But, what if these floating hotels turn into smart cities now? Wouldn’t your excitement get just doubled up? Well, gone are those days when after-hours bar and blackjack table were just enough to impress the passengers on board. People used to go crazy over these simple front-line attractions. But, these days, with the cutting-edge technology paving in the scenario, there’s been a huge transformation and it has got advanced yet more. The cruise industry had been working hard for years to shed their frumpy image and have now introduced some amazing innovations like outdoor pools, movie theatre, racing tracks, ritzy shops and many more.

Following are the new features that will simply leave you spellbound!

Virtual butler– The voice-activated in-room assistants will make you have the best time in the world! Right from making dinner arrangements to booking excursions, the virtual assistants will make sure you never have a hard time on board. Even this virtual butler will be more than happy to hire a car for you when you dock. Even the tiniest chores like giving weather reports and supervising whether you have applied sunscreen will be carried out by this little genie.

Experience the destination before you arrive there– Have you ever thought of being provided with a real-life experience of the destinations you are about to visit? If this is something you always fantasized about, virtual reality technology has just heard your wish and taken every effort to convert your fantasy into reality. Also, there are few cruise companies that are planning to invest in some exclusive VR gaming on board. The games are likely to allow the players to be present in a 3D environment and socialize with the characters within the same.

Easy check-in– It’s time for you to bid adieu to the lengthy and complicated embarkation. The pre-cruise service will now allow you to register all your important details in advance. From uploading your photo to receiving boarding information, everything will be done via online, thereby helping you evade the long queues in the check-in counters.

High-speed Internet– Slow connectivity at sea was a persistent problem for the passengers till date. With thousands of people on the ship, chances of experiencing an odd date with the Internet were always high. But, nowadays, there are several free packages available that will give you unlimited data access. Also, Carnival is planning to launch MedallionNet soon, which is expected to be the fastest Internet connection at sea.

Sea walk– Princess, one of the reputed cruise lines, has taken recourse to architectural technology to craft an over-ocean walkway. This sea walk will range over eight meters outside the ship. And, you will be around 40 meters above the sea surface, resting on a glass floor!

So, in a nutshell, we can just say that the days of cruise passengers feeling detached from the main land are simply gone! Even if you have never been on a cruise before, or in case, your last cruise experience was not up to the mark, this time it’s surely going to be a hit and leave you amazed.