Reasons Why Weight Training Are Not for Only Men!

Do you know, your exercise routine is incomplete if you don’t include weight training in the regime? Apart from bringing in tangible results, it’s immensely satisfying too. This post is going to tell you why lifting weight is not meant for only men!

Following are the ways how weight training impacts a woman-

Tones Body shape-

Well, you might have a conception that your genes are the ultimate string that determines how you look. But, you are wrong if you think likewise. Weight training can make a significant difference in your appearance. While it can slim you down, it can also create new curves. Most importantly, helping you evade the ‘middle-age spread’, weight training has the potential to make you look lively and vivacious even after menopause.

Reduces the risk of muscle loss

Right after you hit 30, your body gets prone to losing muscle. And, this is the reason why your shoulders, belly, buttocks and chin start sagging too. Right from your late 20s, you should start taking precautions. Otherwise, as you would continue aging, you will end up carrying a lot of unwanted baggage in your body. This is where weight lifting comes to your aid yet again. Lifting weights will not only tone up your body, but will also prevent muscle loss.

Checks injuries-

Weight training can prevent the risk of injuries too. When your body is in the practice of lifting weight, all your ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles get strengthened. Especially, with a steep rise in the production of collagen, the primary fiber of connective tissue, your body gets firmer and sharper. And, then, your bones become less delicate and muscles become stronger. As per the surveys done in this regard, women who lift weight are less prone to injuries than that of those who never practiced the same.

Improves muscle strength-

When you train yourself in weight lifting, your muscle power gets enhanced to a significant extent. The Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro conducted a research on older women and found that they can actually mend their muscle capacity by strength training to a great degree. The other report by Brazilian scientists has it to state that, three days per week of circuit strength training can help women burn fat and spruce up functional performances.

Increases confidence and perks up mood– You’re probably not unaware of the fact that certain low-impact exercises like yoga can improve one’s mood in a jiffy! Weight training can do the same too. The endorphins that get released during the activity makes one sunny and lively. Also, it gives a boost to your confidence and self-esteem, thereby building emotional strength as well.

Last but not the least; there is a common notion that lifting weight can make a woman look big and bulky. But, it’s not necessarily true. The fact that women don’t have enough muscle-building hormones like men lessens the possibility for the race to gain unwanted mass. Provided, that you are keeping your diet crisp and clean, you are on the right track!