Reduce Air Pollution

When we talk about environmental pollution, the first thing that would come into your mind is if it is similar to the general term ‘pollution’. Well, here it seems to be a bit raveling. Environmental pollution is only those kinds of pollutions that are against the law of nature and that bring about a significant change. The rapid industrialization and urbanization are the prime reasons why the elements of air, water and land have been affected to an extent that, if not taken care of, would cause irreparable damage to the planet. Not only the biological cycles have got disturbed, but also there is a significant rise in the rate people are falling sick; the animals are again not an exception though.

So, there is an urgent need that we take a stand and we actually do something about this menace. Before the environment changes beyond the limit, it calls for a quick action to be taken. But, what are the ways we can attain this goal? This post is going to unleash quite a few simple yet effective tips to prevent environmental pollution.

Get rid of lead– The lead-based paint has been in use since 1970s. And, the ill-effects of the same is not unknown to anyone. However, recent technological advancements have brought forth several environmental-friendly paints in the last decade and one should limit their use only to these types products. Also, burning unused batteries was a common practice even a few years back. Although the increasing awareness has now refrained people from being indulged into such menace, one should also not use the fireplace at their home to get rid of the excess trash. Disposing the garbage legally to the county courtyard is a big step towards taking care of environmental health.

The greener the planet is, the less unpolluted it is likely to become – Planting more plants is one of the most effective ways to fight the ever-rising pollution. According to a research by NASA, there are certain plants like Peace Lily, Ivy, Gerbera Daisy etc. that have certain components to filter out carbon monoxide from the air. Can there be a smarter way than using such natural filters to reduce the dreadful compounds from the air? You can use this trick in your home as well as in office and remove respiratory problems too.

Mind some simple daily chores– Apart from choosing environmental-friendly items for your household, you can just be a little careful to run washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full. Using energy-efficient appliances is again one of the simplest yet important steps you can take against the air pollution. Also, you should remember, the more energy you waste, the more you would become a direct contributor to air pollution. Thus, make sure you put off all the lights at your place when they are not in use.

Last but not the least; you can take a part in ocean clean-up as well. The tragic death of two whales over consuming an immoderate amount of plastics in the recent time is itself the proof to the fact that how important it is to take an immediate action. We should definitely use as less plastic as we can and also support the bans over plastics on a serious note.

So, can’t we take these little initiatives and make our planet a better place to breathe in? It’s not that tough as we think. True to the dictum, “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”, every little effort from your end can make a noticeable difference indeed!