Things You Should Know about Alcohol and the Ketogenic Diet

A big bite on a burger bun and then it explodes with a gush of hot liquid cheese!! How many of you would be able to resist? Probably, a mere one or two hands out of hundred! But, now that you have become extra conscious about the weight you have put on recently and made up your mind to get started with a ketogenic diet, something that has been pressing you hard for long is whether you can drink alcohol in due course. After all, you are a realistic and you know, you just need a ‘drink’ at times!  So, do you actually have to say a sharp ‘No’ to alcohol if you are stepping into a keto diet? If this is the concern, this post is meant for you only.

There is a traditional belief that just because a drink humps a plethora of health risks and only quite a few real benefits for waistline, it should never be a part of any form of diet. And, especially, when it comes to keto, it’s supposed to be devoid of carb loaded items and precisely, one is supposed to bid adieu to carbs. But, quite normally, a booze tends to contain not only alcohol, but also a certain amount of sugar in it. So, how is it going to work anyways?  A recent study is made by the University of Florida has it to state that if one can evade the alcohol types with higher carbs and have the ones with low to modest quantities, they really don’t need to avoid drinking completely.

People who drink are often advised to have a carb-full meal before getting started with a heavy drinking plan. The logic is quite simple though. The glycogen stores tend to remain full when the body intakes lots of carbohydrates which, in turn, happen to absorb the alcohol.  But, while being on a carb free diet like keto, the amount of glycogen one has in body is very minimal and then, the liver picks up the alcohol rather more quickly, thereby giving way to an intense level of tipsiness. Though, a limited quantity will not make any difference.

Now, in case, you have been planning for going out since a long time and it’s your conscience that is holding you back, it’s time for you to know that a moderate amount of alcohol can easily be placed into your keto diet. But, then you need to make sure the amount of carbs you are taking from your drinks must be restricted from rest of the keto foods you consume for the next one week. This is how you can actually maintain ketosis while not curbing down your spree for partying as well.

So, just because you know alcohol is not essentially a part of your ketogenic diet, you don’t have to stop yourself from being social and going out. But, yes, you have to make sure you have all the smart choices on board when you are consuming alcohol. Skipping beer, in this regard, would always be the wisest act from your end. You can just hover your choices among Whiskey, Rum, Tequila, Vodka and Gin keeping in mind that you are supposed to blend the types only with water. A modest amount of dry win can also be counted in.

So, Cheers!! There’s a glass raised to you! However, one should limit alcohol consumption to a moderate extent. The empty calories in alcohol would certainly not provide your body with the required energy and on top of that, they are short-lived too. Also, there is hardly any mineral, vitamin and nutrient in it. So, it’s always recommended to treat alcohol as a party object and consume in moderation.