Sports - Didier Drogba Brings Down the Curtain on His 20-Year-Old Career...
Drogba Finally Announces His Retirement

As the world idolizes him and his Chelsea supporters by his side, Drogba admits that he once was wrecked by insecurities during his first season in England. He further reveals that after spending just one year at Stamford Bridge he was ready to return to France before realizing that he had what it took to be a Premier League superstar.

Drogba, 40, declared his superannuation from his 20-year career last night which took him to 6 different countries and got him 18 major trophies.

At that time, he added every major honor to his kitty with Chelsea, Cup double with Galatasaray, a League, and steered Phoenix Rising through the USL finals.

Voted twice as African Footballer of the Year, he led the Ivory Coast to their first World Cup finals and still holds the position of Africa’s all-time leading scorer with 65 international goals.

Drogba’s tremendous influence led to the ending of a five-year civil war in his homeland.

The Ivorian accredits Mourinho for turning his Chelsea career around. Thus far he will be best remembered for his 8 glorious years at Stamford Bridge when he scored 157 goals in 347 games for the club and terminated with the winning penalty in the 2012 Champions League playoffs.

Drogba triumphed the Champions League at Stamford Bridge,

Recalling Mourinho’s support Drogba said, “I was a bit scared to fail and after my first difficult year at Chelsea I spoke to Jose Mourinho and told him ‘I’m not happy here. Maybe this is not for me and I need to leave. But he was saying ‘no, you must stay. I will help you. Everything had been so comfortable for me in France and after that first season in England, I was looking for that comfort zone again, which meant going back to Marseille and being the only striker. And then I heard the manager saying something interesting to all the players. He said ‘if you want to be the only king then go back to the team where you were playing before and score 100 goals.

The Ivorian scored the winning penalty in May 2012 against Bayern Munich.

Drogba emerged as a key figure and a fearsome predator in a team of huge dignitaries at Stamford Bridge only Mourinho’s assistance.

Only a few players in the club’s 113-year history have left such impression that he should achieve the goal against Bayern Munich which won the Champions League final.

He says “It was the best way to end a career. I would have loved that moment to be now.

“To win it and just say ‘thank you and goodbye’. Sometimes when I’m on the pitch I have conversations with God. That night in Munich I challenged Him. That’s how that goal in the final minute. I stopped believing when Bayern scored their goal and on that last corner I was telling God ‘now I want to see that you really exist’.

“So, when I scored and ran to the corner flag, I was looking to the sky and saying, ‘He really does exist.’ It was my faith and my connection with God. That’s the only way I can explain what happened that night. To go to Bayern Munich, in front of their fans, to be losing 1-0, I score the equalizer, give away a penalty that Petr Cech saves, then I score with the last kick. It could have been a movie.”