Building Your Own Neural Network with AI and Deep Learning Programme
Deep Learning and AI Programs

The key challenge to break into the pulsating field of Deep Learning and AI is to know the right time to start and reserve the time to prepare a study plan. Specialist trainers can aid in providing cutting-edge technical training which can help you in acquiring essential skills.

  1. Discover Deep Learning with Python

AnalytixLabs offers AI Deep Learning with Python with in-depth and applied training in Deep Learning for programmers using Keras and TensorFlow framework and the course aims to fulfill the needs of computer programmers and engineers who are searching for a concrete introduction to the subject of deep learning illustrated with practical training that enables them to start applying their own deep learning systems.

The course is specialized to bridge the gap and build a concrete foundation in the basic areas. Furthermore, it will impart instinctive understanding and help the learners to understand its usage in data science and machine learning. For instance, the course will support the wishful professionals to start with deep learning-based AI projects using Keras and Tensor Flow.

Users will get an outline of chief python packages for deep Learning and they will work on an array of case studies on speech analytics – Speech to text/Voice tonality, IoT, text data processing, computer vision, and image processing.

The course further covers a range of topics under Deep Learning architecture and contemplates when to use RNN, CNN and application of Restricted Boltzmann Machine. The 36,00-minute course further covers an array of case studies so that the learners can realize how deep learning can be used on anything and everything.  The whole-time instructors will teach you with the help of projects on Computer Vision, Text Data Processing, Speech Analytics, and Image Processing.

Hard Facts:

Duration: 60 hours (With 30 hours of live training + Practice and Self-study, and 8hrs of weekly self-study)

Mode: Instructor-led Live Class

Classes: 10

Tools: Python (with TensorFlow & Keras)

Who Is the Course Intended For?

The course aims at analytics professionals who have work experience in Data Science with Python and want to step up with a Deep Learning certification and parallelly gain hands-on application of AI Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow.

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  1. Specialization Track for Beginners

Being acquainted with Python or minimum one object-oriented programming language is portrayed as one of the main conditions for the course. Therefore, learners need to be proficient with Python as Data Science Language. This is how dual specialization course of AI Deep Learning with Python and Data Science with Python from AnalytixLabs supports to bring candidates up-to-speed.

Learners who join the course can gain and will gain a full understanding statistical modelling, data handling, machine learning & AI deep learning, and visualization with the help of case studies and practical examples on Python platforms.

Hard Facts

Duration: 250 hours (With 110 hours of live training + Practice and Self-study, and 8hrs of weekly self-study)

Mode: Video/Live sessions-based

Classes: 36

Tools: Python (using multiple Data Science libraries)

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