I Knew I Had To Take
Juan Mata Gives Exhilareting Details of His Glorius Free-Kick

Due to a virtuoso volley from the from the Man-U’s hitman Cristiano Ronaldo, the Reds were behind with less than 5 minutes remaining, however, the game turned when the Spaniard snipped a goal as Paul Pogba was fouled on the edge of the area.

Mata states that he instantly felt that confidence to take up that kick as soon as he knew there was a free-kick in there. He requested Ashley Young to let him take the kick as he had the ability to go over the wall.

It is difficult for the goalkeeper as they don’t encounter enough player who can go over the wall with the wall being too close.

The number 8 of Manchester United tried to execute what he has been doing in his training sessions. The sole motive of scoring that free-kick was to reach 1-2 from 1-1. Owing to the game and the significance of the game, it was one of the best scores that Mata has scored till now.

Voted as Man of the Match by United fans, Juan Mata was full of appreciation for the mental strength and personality of his team, who posted their first victory in Juventus’ newly inaugurated ground the Allianz Stadium with an English side.

Juan further went on explaining that scoring twice especially in the circumstances where you are losing the game to Juventus is the most difficult thing.

The second-half substitute added, “Fantastic team, fantastic stadium, great atmosphere, very difficult to play against. But this is football and when you have two dangerous free-kicks you must make the most of them and we did that in the last five minutes, and it was a very, very positive feeling at the end of the game. When you come back to Manchester after suffering that match – especially in the second half, with some chances for them – with the three points, it’s a big step in the group stage for us.

“You have to try and stay alive in this stadium, even if they have chances and if they push you and push you.”

“If you are 1-0 down or 1-1 you must try to stay alive and take the last chances that you might have, and we have done that today. So, you can imagine how the atmosphere in the dressing room is now, and we are very happy as well because we have a lot of fans in that corner [where we scored] as well. So, I think they will come back to Manchester with a smile as well.

“I will highlight the passion of the team, the personality of the team, the effort of the team,” said the 30-year-old.

We kept believing we would have one or two chances and maybe score one. A draw is not bad here. But then with Ashley crossing very, very well and I don’t know what happened in the box [for the winner] – it seemed like an own goal or something like that – we get a massive three points.

“There are still two games to play but it’s a massive step for us in terms of trying to qualify.”

The result restored United to second position in Group H, after Valencia had temporarily leapfrogged Jose Mourinho’s men by beating Young Boys 3-1 in a match that kicked off two hours earlier, but Mata stressed that there is still working to do.

He continued:

“We have two games to go. We must play against Young Boys at Old Trafford, and we’re going to try everything to win and have another three points, and then we go to Valencia which will be a special game for me, like it was today for Paul – coming back to one of the teams that I love – so let’s see what happens.

“Today we did a big step, but it’s not over yet.”