The Rise Of _Brazilian Trump
Averting Another Trump

John Oliver an English comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host has “begged,” the people of Brazil not to vote for the “Brazilian Trump” for the prestigious post and President.

The British satirist requests the world to consider Brazilian politics on a serious note and be updated on what’s going on in Brazilian politics. According to Oliver (not Twist), chances are high and very real that Latin America’s largest country will likely vote for a dangerous ideologue that possess potentially catastrophic consequences.

As Oliver recorded his Last Week Tonight segment on Sunday, the results of Brazilian were being declared, indicating that far-right head Jair Bolsonaro won with an evident majority of votes lacking only 50% to win outright. This further indicates that he will now contend in a runoff that is to be conducted on October 28.

John commenced the section by elucidating that Brazilians are “pissed off right now.” And it is for a good cause. In the past few years, the country has suffered through the worst—out of control crime rate, suffered through a worst case of recession, and a huge corruption scandal engulfing majority of the country’s leadership. Oliver said people “understandably disillusioned.”

Bolsonaro, a political outsider, owing to this disillusionment of people has become popular as the “Brazilian Trump” and attracted many voters. However, it is quite alarming. Oliver further added, “The nicest thing you can say for [Bolsonaro] is he has not been implicated in a corruption scandal—yet. Unfortunately, that’s literally the only nice I can find to say about him because he’s a terrible human being.”

Oliver further highlighted some of the appalling views maintained by Bolsonaro, who has titled refugees arriving in Brazil as “the scum of the world,” wants to make purchasing guns convenient for citizens. He also favors “psychotically strong law enforcement.” John highlighted some more terrible views held by Bolsonaro that are homophobic and misogynist in nature. For instance, when he told a legislator “I would never rape you because you’re not worth it” and another incident when he gave a statement that said, “If a child is gay you can use the whip and you change their behavior.” I wonder why don’t his parents use a whip to alleviate his rotten mentality?

Oliver signed off the segment with a “ray of hope,” mentioning the #EleNāo which translates into (#NotHim) campaign that has sparked to dissent Bolsonaro. Oliver said, “Brazil, please, look I realize you’re disgusted with your politics at the moment and you’re not inspired by any of the alternatives, but anything is better than Bolsonaro. You still have a chance to vote #EleNāo and not let this man fingerbang your democracy.”