The Inherent Dangers of Watching Golf
Ryder Club Admirer to The Organizers as Koepka’s Shot Damages Her Eyesight

No doubt that we all love watching our favorite sports at the stadium and cheering up our favorite teams, but the thrill too has some disadvantages with it. With the major reason getting hit by one of the players’ shot.

Brooks Koepka stated that he is “heartbroken” as one of his tee shots at the Ryder Cup led an admirer losing the sight in one eye and pronounced finding out as “one of the worst days of his life.”

Corine Remande was hit by one of the American’s drives on the opening day of the tournament. She later stated that the force caused an explosion of the eyeball and a fracture of the right eye-socket.

Koepka tweeted, “I was deeply hurt and saddened by the tragic accident.  I have contacted her family to offer my sincere and heartfelt sympathy.”

Giving a statement at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on Wednesday, he explained: “I hit the golf ball and it’s upsetting. It really is. Just because I hit a golf ball, someone lost the sight in their eye. If you break it down to the heart of it, it’s not a good feeling.”

“Yesterday was probably one of the worst days of my life. I haven’t had too many tragedies in my personal family where there’s been a loss or any kind of tragic accident, so I’ve been lucky in that sense.”

“I wasn’t told until I got to the course – I’m not the biggest person on social media – so when I got here and had about seven missed calls and 25 text messages I was like: ‘What’s going on? Then I was told the news and obviously, I am heartbroken.”

“My stomach sank. Yesterday was probably one of the hardest days trying to focus and play golf just knowing what was going to come when I was done. I spent an hour and a half of my round on the phone trying to understand what was going on because it’s hard to get the real story of what was going on. I didn’t know if it was fake or not and you want to find out. It’s sad and I really am torn up about it.”

The victim plans on suing the Ryder Cup’s organizers after losing her right eye sight.

Commenting on the rumored row between him and Dustin, Koepka denied that he and Dustin Johnson were involved in a brawl at Europe’s success party on Sunday night, and also that the tiff started on the plane before the team’s arrival in Paris for the tournament.

Koepka commented, “This Dustin thing I don’t get. There was no fight, there was no argument – he’s one of my best friends. I love the kid to death.”

He further added, “As far as camaraderie, it was fine, it was perfect.  The problem is you guys [the media] try to find a reason why we lost, and the simple reason is we just didn’t play good enough.”

“We didn’t make the putts, hit the fairways, especially me. I lost two matches and halved another one. If I won those, if Tiger [Woods] wins his; Dustin lost one with me and then I think lost in the singles.

“If we play how we’re supposed to play we win, it’s simple as, but there’s nothing wrong with our team. Our team was great, Jim was great.”