The Unprecedented case of the President
The Plight of Donald Trump: The Mad Man

As the United States heads into the 2018 mid-term election, news of President Donald Trump’s instability surfaces at breathtaking speed. The former business mogul turned TV star has faced a constant barrage of discrimination from not only Democrats but also from ex-employees. While Trump continues to rebuke the allegations, his former business partners are pleading guilty to crimes of corruption and treason. Is the president of the United States innocent, or is he highly delusional, or is he just a con-man taking his gullible supporters on a ride?

On 5th September, the New York Times published an op-ed by an anonymous source. Called “I Am Part of the Resistance inside the Trump Administration”, it was supposedly written by a senior official in the Trump Administration. The article goes on to describe that a group of people inside the administration are quite aware of Trump’s incompetency and his instinct based decision taking that’s barred of actual facts. The resistance describes itself as different than the one led by the Democrats and maintains that its agenda is to make sure that Trump’s inefficiency doesn’t harm the American people.

The article goes on to describe Trump’s leadership style as impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective. The resistance has often resorted to child-like techniques to keep him at bay. This includes removing decrees from his desk and lying to him about carrying out activities that would be detrimental to the world. His amorality results in him taking half-baked, ill-informed decisions that don’t comply with any one particular set of rules. The article goes on to mention that the resistance’s ultimate goal is to keep him at bay until his term gets over, and hope that he doesn’t find out about it.

Earlier in the week, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Bob Woodward, has mentioned similar accounts in his book, Fear: Donald Trump in the White House. He goes on to mention that almost everybody currently working for the president has called him an idiot having child-like mannerisms. The book goes on to mention that his advisors have often lied to him and nodded along with him on a decision – only to not implement it later. Such wild stories involving the President is sure to send shockwaves into the spine of American citizens.

Trump, however, keeps ranting that the book and the article are mere works of fiction and that his administration has done more for the American people than any president has ever done. In reality, his poll numbers have hit an all-time low for any president after a year-and-a-half. His tariffs, thought to cut down trade deficit, has increased them instead.

The mid-term elections of 2018 is indeed a critical moment for American politics. While it might be hard to impeach Donald Trump, the next best option is to ensure that he causes as little damage as possible. The Resistance also banks on such ideology, turning and twisting the arm of the President when he is facing the other way. At the end of the day, Trump is delusional about the current state of affairs, and he has led his followers to believe exactly the opposite of that. The other option is for the resistance to come out and convince members of Congress to impeach him instead.