Logitech set to Launch its First Vertical Mouse
Logitech’s vertical house enables a new kind of grip

One could argue, that a modern computer system, would not be the same without a little device that enables us to scroll, point and click objects on the screen. Yes, I’m talking about the ubiquitous mouse. The mouse was called so because of its resemblance to the rodent – a small unit with a wire, mimicking the tail, which moves quickly on the top of the table. The mouse has evolved since then, becoming wireless and losing some of its prevalence to trackpads, which are used in laptops. However, Logitech, the leading computer accessory developer, has announced the launch of its first vertical mouse, the MX Vertical, whose design is set to provide better grip and control over movements on screen.

So, how does a vertical mouse look like? Instead of providing a horizontal divider, the mouse is sloped at an angle of 57 degrees. While gripping it, it gives the impression of giving a handshake, rather than draping one’s hand over its top. The click buttons and scroll wheel are located on the right side of the mouse, with the device’s concave left side provides the space to rest the thumb. While the contouring help keeps the wrist and forearm in a straighter and less-strained position, it also has ridged rubber finish aimed to provide enhanced grip to the user.

In addition to the classic pointers located on the right side, there are two customizable buttons near the thumb rest as well. The aluminum top also holds an extra button that could be used to adjust the pointer speed. All of the buttons are customizable through Logitech’s Options desktop app. One additional benefit of the mouse is the ability to assign gesture-controlled shortcuts, using the desktop app. But, unlike other Logitech’s high-end mice, the scroll wheel can’t alternate between notched and free-scrolling modes.

MX vertical is larger (79×78.5×120 mm) and heavier (135g) than a typical mouse, with a resolution up to 4,000 DPI. It can connect over USB-C, Bluetooth, or Logitech’s Unifying Receiver USB dongle. After just one minute of charging, it can work for three hours, which means the mouse can last up to four months from one full charge. It also supports Logitech’s “Flow” software, allowing it to move between multiple computers without the need to re-pair.

The design of Logitech’s MX Vertical has impressed critics, who have mentioned it to the next revolutionary design in mouse history. The design of the mouse hasn’t changed substantially since its first arrival, and the company hopes to have provided inspiration to other mouse manufacturers to follow similar designs in the future.

At a market price of 99$, the mouse is definitely out of budget for many people. However, owing to its ergonomic, superior design, it could be the perfect companion for people who use it extensively – like graphic designers, computer animators, and gamers. It’s, in fact, aimed at “pain relief seekers” – computer users who experience discomfort as a result of repetitive strain injuries (RSI). Delphine Donne-Crock, general manager of creativity and productivity at Logitech, has said, “To address the issue of discomfort or pain in their hand, forearm and in their wrists, we’ve created our most advanced ergonomic mouse yet, MX Vertical, designed with an innovative natural handshake position. The unique angle is optimized for an ergonomic posture and reduces both wrist pressure and forearm strain.”