OH, magGOT! Hundred Shades of Maggots
Strange Critter Pays Visit At Southampton.

For people with a pant-wetting fear of “nopes” eternally wish to face their fears only once, especially if their fear belongs from the shadier cast of Kingdom Animalia. Everybody faces their fear ONE AT A TIME.

There is no doubt in the fact that our very own Mother Nature is entirely-too-creative, relieving us from our stress, but once in a while, just for kicks, she throws us a curveball.

Sometimes they say that the animal is more scared of you than you are of it. But when the wildlife is ghastly, you know you are more intimidated by it.

Enter a blessed woman from Southampton, the United Kingdom, who quite lately received a special “nope” combo gift from Mother Nature- a maggot-like organism, stylishly accessorized with rat’s tail. Yes, you read it right. A maggot-like creature with rat’s tail!

The poor woman had no idea what to do, when she saw this 5-inch-long creature, resembling a sausage with a thin tail, slithering sashaying around the turnings of a Bex Deen’s home in Southampton.

Eventually, it turned out that the specimen is an extra-large rat-tailed maggot, that will sooner or later turn into a drone fly after leading its extravagant life as a larger than normal rat-tailed maggot. Damn Nature, you scary!

Additionally, the eyesore was massive- with its five-inch-long undulant engorged body and “plus-sized” (considering the body positive movement, I’ve used the politically-correct term here); and its tail in Chernobyl-esque magnificence was also of 5 inches.

The limbless and faceless creature was spotted swaggering on the lady’s front porch as if it held the possession of the place — and imaginably to keep from dying out, the property holder seized her cell-phone and recorded her near-death experience with the probable Martian life.

Rather than grabbing a musket or pistol (trust me I’d have blown up the entire place), the lady let her guest to go on its way (guess she was running out of fresh organic juice for the alien that had just invaded her house), prior to that of transferring the video clip on her social media page hoping that somebody will help her identify what kind of Goliath had paid her a visit.

The video clip which spectacularly went viral (obviously it had to), resulted in worldwide upset stomachs as the morbid netizens cemented their precious eyes to the footage, despite their revolting tummy.

Be prepared for the suggestions that our beloved netizens provided. They identified the creature probably as a deformed lazy rat, detached male genitalia being carried away by ants; a Kardashian (no offense meant here).

Luckily enough, an online consensus was reached — the nauseating oddity is the common but rarely-seen “rat-tailed maggot” (I hope they approve the “meh” name as soon as possible), is the grub of the much less appears-challenged drone fly.

Most people agreed that the creepy critter in the footage is strangely outsized, as rat-tailed maggots, averagely extend up to 2 inches in length, from head to tail (I suggest here steroids abuse).

To clear the confusion about the “tail” — it is a breathing tube, not a tail. The maggot uses it for underwater breathing (Now seriously, what purpose does a maggot have underwater?).

Apparently not only does this extra-terrestrial life possess what APPEARS like a tail, it also breathes through it.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for blessing us with this colossus gift!