The Elite Group of Young Billionaires
Making money is easy in the world of young billionaires

We all dream of becoming rich one day, don’t we? Money might not buy happiness, but it has the potential to buy commodities that sweep a blissful feeling over us. The news is ablaze with news of businessmen, CEO’s and fashion models earning loads of money while doing something we, commoners, can only dream off. Off late, as humanity surfs the digital age, it’s become easier for some people to earn money even at a very young age. So, has the old saying that education to earn money transformed into a myth. Possibly so. In today’s day and age, passion for your work is probably the most important factor that ensures quick bucks when you are young.

Instances of people becoming billionaires are most commonly found in the tech industry. The most notable example lies with Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, who’s net worth reached a billion dollars when he was just 22 years old. Most of us are still pursuing our education in that age, saving up coupons to avail discount while buying food and other goods. Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to pursue his career in Facebook, famously saying, “Why are you studying something when you could be doing it.” Riding on the same shoes, Evan Speigal of Snapchat and John Collision of Stripe also dropped out of college to pursue their passion and eventually joined the elite group of young billionaires.

Moving away from the tech industry, the world of entertainment has lesser entries in this list. One could argue that it’s difficult to sell entertainment as a commodity, especially when you are young. But against all odds, Kylie Jenner, 20, is poised to become the world’s youngest millionaire. The ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’ star also owns her own line of cosmetics, ‘Kylie Cosmetics’, which sells lip-kits and other high-end products online through a mobile app. Jenner has invariably tapped onto the online market to sell these products, and it has paid off massively.

While Jenner had the capital investment laid down in front of her, it was her talent and passion that could only explain her billion dollar empire. While tech giants build a company from ground up, they too rely on investment from corporations to take care of the initial cost. Entrepreneurship in the digital age is one vital criteria that everybody must adhere to if they dream of transforming a million to a billion dollars, something that Zuckerberg and Jenner capitalized on.

As e-commerce and online marketing become the norm, the possibility for more people to jump on the bandwagon is imminent. You don’t really have to be a tech genius in order to become a millionaire at a young age. In addition to passion, one should also be fearless in the venture that they embark on. A sense of awareness is critical to understand the potential gaps in the market and what products might help fill them. Savvy business skills also help you chart up a good business model. While education is still an important factor to grow as a person, it doesn’t provide the real-world skills needed to survive and succeed in this world. What helps is an understanding of how the world works, and unfettered passion and determination to make that world a better place to live in.