Twitter Joins Squeegee Men Policy Bandwagon
Advertisers take over Twitter’s Explore Tab

If you were thinking that you are safe from ads on Twitter, I am about to burst your bubble and bring you back to the reality. Twitter is all set to squash some extra money from its trending topics.

After minimalizing its middling Moments feature and disguising it as Explore tab, Twitter is experimenting with Promote Trend Spotlight advertisements. You will be welcomed for your first two visits on that day by visually appealing banner all equipped with image background over Explore tab or with a GIF. After the completion of the first two sessions, the banner and GIF will settle back in the Trends listing. The first batch will be commenced from Disney in the U.S.

These commanding new advertisement units reduce the natural content in the Explore tab, which would make it convenient for viewing world happenings in a glance. What is the difference between conventional ads and the new ads? The only difference is graphics. These new ads will be more catchy than the traditional ones which people often tend to skip. Although the addition of ads in the Explore tab will make it less informative and boring, it will surely hike the revenue of the messaging platform. “Sponsored Moments” will work with the publishing partners that have a significant audience base such as sports leagues, TV networks, and digital publishers

A Twitter spokesperson informed TechCrunch that, the officials are continuing to explore and enhance the ways in which they could offer opportunities to the brands to develop effective brand awareness and conversations.

The existing Promoted Trends ads will be introduced with a new add-on known as Promoted Trend Spotlight. The Promoted Trends ads are usually included in the list of Twitter’s most popular topics. When clicked, they showcase the feed of tweets with the headline related to one of the advertiser’s tweets at the top.

AdAge hinted towards new visual redesigning of Promoted Trends back in February. Disney’s Executive Vice President for Media, Anthy Prince stated that Twitter allowed them to celebrate the launch of ticket sales of Christopher Robin by highlighting Winnie the Pooh, while four of the other major characters controlled major Disney handles to engage with fans.

Since long back, Twitter was facing the problem of people skimming past ads. The previous unfiltered Timeline allowed users to read according to their preferences, skipping anything that didn’t seem germane, inclusive of the paid marketing. By introducing new algorithmic Timeline and focusing majorly on video, Twitter has gradually, reoriented users to anticipate relevant content in every tab.

The text list of Trends, with imagery at the top, enhances Explore’s design. Consequently, pulling the attention of the viewers to where these spotlight ads are located. With improved monetization, it will be necessary for Twitter to focus on providing better ways for the users to not only open their feeds, notifications, and DMs but also Explore.