È Tempo Di Juventus as Ronaldo To Join Juventus Football!!!
Warm Up Your Voices Juventus- It’s Time To Sing

As Real Madrid fans grieve over the loss of their omega, Juventus find a reason to celebrate. Without dismantling the squad, the Juventus make a big leap by stretching their resources. Ditching the age-old blueprint of following the natural progression, the Italian team has made a crucial decision by signing Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s transfer is not only the second-biggest transfer in history, it is also an enormous gamble for everyone as the deal is signed off at the stake of $350 million which includes commissions, transfer fee, and wages.

Unarguably, it isn’t an easy leap for Ronaldo as well. He is leaving one of the biggest clubs in the world, a league where he feels dominant and comfortable to go to Serie A which is a step beneath La Liga. For the people who will wave euro bills in his face and call him materialistic, they should remember that considering the figures released, he would earn lesser than what he would have earned after signing Real Madrid’s extension offer.

So what prompted this transfer?

As per Ronaldo’s aficionados, they are not feeling “loved”, which might me be as well true upto some extent since Ronaldo himself expressed his wish to leave Real Madrid Club at the Bernabeu. For the last two seasons, he faced extreme cynicism and was ridiculed. He made it clear that if this is the case, he is not going to take it anymore by walking away from a whopping $100 million and three assured years.

Whatever the Madrid star feels- right or wrong is genuine. The notion is that the teammates and the supporters are not concerned much, especially the club president Florentino Perez since there is apparently no trust. Ronaldo realized this fact a hard way. He was disappointed by the club’s least efforts to appeal his five-year match ban earlier in this year.

Irrespective of who is right or who is wrong, Real Madrid lost its talisman who was capable of scoring one goal per game.

Cristiano’s incredible career

At the ripe age of 33, where other players either squeeze in one or two seasons if their bodies are at the peak of fitness or in case they find themselves unable to do it any longer, they downshift and make lifestyle choices. But not here. The Ballon d’Or winner has succeeded in his umteenth glamorous campaign and anything else that you can think of Juventus and Serie A. It is anything but a semi-retirement.

It is true that both, Perez and Ronaldo are probably right. When you get the lucrative deal of saving $55 million from your wage for a 33-year-old player and get additional $100 million, you will probably go for the deal.

In such situations, you do not think about how much someone has contributed towards your club, instead, you start evaluating the future contributions of that person. Undoubtedly Ronaldo is a fitness freak who works a thousand folds harder than pretty much any other player, but he can’t outdo Father Time.

Bagging 21 goals in his final 19 matches, Ronaldo led Real Madrid to its 11th  European Cup and played crucial role in driving Portugal to Euro 2016 which is their first major trophy.

By signing Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus have their 8th player who has won Ballon d’Or. Previously the Italian champions have had the honor of playing with six Ballon d’Or winners: Paolo Rossi (1982), Zinedine Zidane (1998), Omar Sivori (1961), Roberto Baggio (1993), Pavel Nedved (2003), and Michel Platini (1983, 1984, and 1985).