Tyranny in the Land of Freedom
Donald Trump’s Dictatorship

The United States of America is truly a unique country. On one hand, hardworking immigrants have left their country to embrace the American Dream. They have made sure that the melting pot keeps brewing, with an ideology that more variability will result in greater achievements and economic prosperity. On the other hand, long settled citizens have become complacent of their status as the ‘greatest country in the world’. They believe that immigrants are a curse to their idea of an idealized society, and have often incited violence and racial segregation of people inheriting different skin tones. It’s no wonder that a majority of these people, constituting the right winged republicans, voted to elect Donald Trump as the president of the United States in November 2016. Donald Trump is an embodiment of their beliefs, and almost a year and a half into his presidency, has shown how exactly he can manipulate the general consensus while committing horrendous acts of tyranny.

It’s a no-brainer that Donald Trump possesses the presidential qualities that have garnered worldwide fame and respect to its previous presidents, especially Barrack Obama. In fact, not being ‘presidential’ was a major point in his pre-election rallies that touched a nerve with his supporters. Tired of liberals dominating decision making in the capital of Washington DC, they demanded a change in the norm of things. No one better than Donald Trump has the potential to achieve this; not with his talent and diplomatic skills but with the way he usually manipulates people. Such manipulating techniques are a hallmark of famous dictators in the past and the present, and given Trump’s praise of several of them, it’s no wonder that he often resorts to cheap backbites and malicious tactics to defer detractors and appease followers.

The most prevalent tactic that he and his administration has resorted to is labeling the free press, which admittedly is a left-biased, as ‘fake news’. Media outlets like CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times have all received this label whenever they have published a report demonstrating his or his team’s ineffectiveness in making policies. His followers have blindly obeyed him; even refusing to acknowledge any news that comes out of these media channels. On the hindsight, right wing news channels like Breitbart and Fox News have garnered praise from Trump despite publishing propaganda and biased news. Overall, Trump has masterfully dismissed the credibility of the free press by classifying them as fraudulent news.

Trump has always sided with people who has taken his side – be it for the good or in most cases, for the worse. His administration consists of either past friends or business associates or of right wing republicans who take stand in the same issues. In doing so, he has given tremendous amount of power to people who doesn’t care about the position that they are in. One example can be found in the appointment of anti-environmentalist, Scott Pruitt as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). His administration has seen several changes owing to his tendency to show people, who doesn’t comply with his side, the door.

As the investigation of Russian meddling in his victory reaches a boiling point, he has also succumbed in diverting the blame to the investigators – creating a cloud over their credibility.  Many experts have also pointed out his ability to pardon himself in case he gets impeached. Overall, the left and the right has never been more segregated in recent American history. As his supporters celebrate his ‘success’ in taking strong anti-immigration measures, the other half is worried that the tyranny might continue for another long six years.