It's Not Rifle, It's Laser AK-47 This Weapon Can Burn You From Long Range
Laser To Do What Rifles Can: New Laser AK-47 Can Tear You Apart From Half Mile

There is no limit to where human imagination can go. The horizon of imagination is infinite. Some people do not only imagine, they try to realize those imaginations in the real world. The innovative concepts have been emerging at a faster rate than before. We should not expect anything specific as human imaginations run beyond what is usually expected. We have seen how high-end guns such as AK-47 kill people. There are advanced guns that kill targets precisely from a long range. These lethal weapons were beyond imagination, but they have been developed and used in various military applications. Beside unethical uses, these guns have been beneficial for security purpose. However, a new weapon has been developed that would burn the target from half a mile away. A firm in China has claimed that it produced “Laser AK-47” that can fire up the target from half a mile away within a fraction of a second.

We have seen this type of weapons in science fiction movies and serials. However, this Star Wars styled weapons have come to life. The weapon, termed as the ZKZM-500, is of size and weight of an ordinary rifle. However, it can fire up hundreds of shots and cause carbonization of human skin instantly. One of the researchers outlined that it causes an unendurable pain.

According to the article published in South China Morning Post, one laser weapons scientist said the new device is able to “burn through clothes in a split second … If the fabric is flammable, the whole person will be set on fire”. This device is under development and field testing of a prototype has been conducted at the Xian Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shaanxi province.

The weapon is a 15mm caliber that weighs around three kilos (6.6lb), which is about the same weight as an AK-47. It has a range of half a mile or 800 meters. It can be kept on boats, cars, and planes. As the laser has been tuned to an invisible frequency, there will no production of sound. Another researcher who is part of the project said on the condition of not revealing the name due to the sensitivity of the project, “Nobody will know where the attack came from. It will look like an accident.”

There are various applications of this weapon. In the hostage situations, it could be used to target the criminals through windows. It would temporarily kidnappers while other units can rescue the hostages. Moreover, it can be used in military application. The beam can ignite the fuel storage facility.

Surprisingly, the document regarding the weapon on Chinese government website classified it as a “non-lethal weapon”. This implies that this will not be used to kill a living target. Though lasers cannot kill the person in a single shot, it can cut through a person if held long enough. Researchers emphasized that scientists in this field believe that it would be unethical and inhumane to utilize weaponry powerful weapons that could “carbonize” a living person. However, the document on the website stated non-lethal applications of the technology. Let us see how this weapon will come to the rescue in next few years.