Pass an IQ Test and You Are an Official Citizen of Asgardia, The Moon's Utopian Society
Moon’s Society Seeks for Creative and High IQ Citizens

Done with this world and absolutely tired of living around the idiot neighbors? Here comes a solution: get out of the earth and live in the first-ever outer space human colony. Be an Asgardian! However, apply for the citizenship now and maybe in 25 years, you may get to live on the moon. Asgardia, the future city of humans on the moon, has it all, a flag, a national anthem, thousands of citizens, and now it has elected parliament. It has a ruler, Igor Ashurbeyli, a scientist, philanthropist, and billionaire, who was inaugurated on this Monday. He shaded light on some of the most ambitious plans to develop a human settlement on the moon within the next 25 years. He explained in the inauguration ceremony how they have established branches of the government for the nation and declared Asgardia has been born.

The name Asgardia is inspired from the fictitious city from Norse mythology, which was home of the famous god of thunder, Thor, and the king, Odin. The aim behind the extraordinary project is to establish a free nation outside the Earth and provide free access to space for all people of every country, relation, age, gender, sex, and race. This may sound similar to the exception yet terrifying plan of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and Founder of SpaceX. However, the difference is Ashurbeyli has a plan.

Ashurbeyli plans the future nation to be completely self-reliant and it will have infrastructure entirely different from the Earth. He is even developing a new cryptocurrency called SOLAR. Ashurbeyli said, “Asgardians will carry handheld devices with integrated passports, credit cards, and conventional smartphones.” However, they lack various fundamental things such as the moon land for that matter. However, their media page and the Instagram page is filled with the coolest concepts and graphic images of the imaginary country. The parliament wants to build up a population of 150 million in 10 years. In addition, it wants to set up “space ark” with artificial gravity where humans could live permanently. To achieve this goal, people can apply for the citizenship online for free. Moreover, Asgardia wants to draw 2 percent of the world’s the most creative population. Therefore, citizen selection will include an IQ test. Ashurbeyli wants to build satellites orbiting around the moon to provide internet access in next 10 to 15 years and expects a permeant settlement on the globe in coming 25 years.

The whole idea is not just born yesterday. Last year, the nation made its move when it launched its first satellite, Asgardia-1. Asgardia-1 will be the fundamental part of the upcoming multiple core satellites to form an effective space platform. Moreover, if you think about it, the plan is not irrational at all. Not long ago, NASA declared that there could be an ocean of water hiding on the moon and before it proposed a plan to send humans to Venus. Compared to those proposals, the plan of the Russian billionaire sounds completely sane. So, what are you waiting for? Go, apply for the citizenship and maybe you will get to live in Andy Weir’s imagination.