AI Threats More Lethal Than They Seem, But These Sci-Fi Movies Make Us Forget Those
Sci-Fi Movies Manipulating Us To Ignore Real Threats From AI, Outlines AI Firm CEO

There has been a long-held debate over whether artificial intelligence (AI) is a boon or curse. Tech executives have outlined their opinions on this subject. Late renowned physicist Stephen Hawking highlighted that AI can be the worst event in civilization and could result in the end of mankind. The CEO of Tesla & SpaceX Elon Musk stated that AI could become more hazardous than nuclear weapons. On the other hand, some leaders have appreciated the role and impact of AI on our lives. Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates outlined that AI is good for society and said there is no need to panic. Facebook Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that AI would unlock a huge amount of positive things. The debate is never-ending. It will only end when there will be inventions and new applications of AI. But every invention gives rise to new possibilities, so the debate does not seem to end. What can be done is to wait and see how things take shape.

The possibilities are endless. There are no boundaries of imagination. These sci-fi movies depict the same. These movies show how the human imagination can change the course of the history and transform the future. Different concepts have been used through imagination to tell a story and sometimes, paint the picture of the future. Executives of AI firms, scientists, and experts have been outlining that these movies could be misleading to people. Maran Nelson, Co-Founder and CEO of Clara Labs, outlined that there is a reason to be worried about AI. However, the reasons do not involve those depicted in sci-fi movies. Movies such as Her and Ex Machina have shown how AI can influence people on the emotional level. Experts predicted that this would be lethal in the future. Moreover, they shed a light on reality stating that several technological breakthroughs will be needed to achieve those imaginations into realities. On the other hand, the actual AI has been causing harm more than people are expecting.

Nelson told Converge, “Over the course of the next five years, as companies continue to get better and better at building these technologies, the public at large will not understand what it is that is being done with their data, what they’re giving away, and how they should be scared of the ways that AI is already playing in and with their lives and information.”

Nelson also outlined that the AI algorithms do not operate in a way depicted in movies. They operate invisibly. So, they are more harmful than they appear to be. The way in which the development of AI is progressing, the control should be given to users along with greater visibility. However, some AI has been designed to take a decision prior to taking the permission from the user. Clara Labs has been working on to develop AI systems that are safe and kept humans to check if it has been carrying the tasks in the right manner. The system is known as “human in the loop”, which aims to build AI which is responsible as well as powerful. As the CEO of one of the AI firms clarifies how sci-fi movies mislead people, it is interesting to see what technological breakthroughs will take place in the future.