Why There Are Dogs in Offices Today the World Celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day
Why People Are Tweeting #TYDTWDay; Companies Allow Dog Owners to Spend Their One Working Day with Their Cute-Little Pet Dogs

Are your office desks occupied by dogs? If yes, happy Take Your Dog to Work Day! If no, ask your boss to bring your furry little companion to work. The Friday after the Father’s Day is celebrated as Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWDay) in the U.K. The tradition originated in the U.K., and in 1999, the Pet Sitters International (PSI), an association for professional pet sitters and dog walkers, started TYDTWDay in the U.S. to increase the adoption of dogs and to celebrate the human-canine bond. Since then, it has become a beloved holiday for dog owners and their dogs.

According to a survey, more than half millennial pet owners would love to switch their jobs if the company has an animal-friendly environment. Therefore, to commemorate that bond, several bosses across the U.K. allow dog owners to bring their pet dog in office for the day and sit beside them while they work. Twitter is flooded with the hashtag of #TakeYourDogtoWorkDay and pictures of dogs sitting in the office chairs or with their owners. Moreover, the Microsoft search engine, Bing also honored the TYDTWDay by posting a video of a dog on its homepage. However, the day is much more than just bringing pets to offices and clicking selfies with them. The day was started in a hope that people would embrace the unique bond between humans and dog and increase the dog adoption rate across the world. According to PSI’s website, through the TYDTWDay, non-pet owners witness the bond their coworkers have with their pet, which in turn increases the rate of adoption of dogs. The movement has now evolved, and it is estimated that around 300 businesses have participated in the celebration of the TYDTWDay and allow pet owners to bring their pets to office premises.

A study shows that having a pet nearby has numerous benefits. It is observed that such employees show better productivity, low blood pressure, increased physical activity and lessened anxiety. Thus, there are several companies, including Amazon and Google, have incredible pet-friendly culture. There are several companies that encourage the worker to have a pet by providing several perks such as free dog food, gym membership, and even free transportation to and from work. In addition, scientists observed that a pet dog can provide a strong social support as they love their owner unconditionally. Dogs encourage owners to exercise. The study shows that dog owners walk 70 percent more than non-dog owners, which increases their productivity as they take more breaks during office hours.

According to a recent study, dogs can understand human’s emotional expressions. The study was conducted with 26 dogs and the dogs were shown different human emotional expressions such as anger, happiness, fear, surprise, disgust, and just neutral expression. The research concluded that dogs showed increased heart rate when faces in happiness, anger, and fear were shown. Researcher Dr. Kun Guo said, “The study shows that dogs have the ability to process sensory information in different parts of their brain. To do so requires a system of internal categorization of emotional states. This cognitive ability has been observed only in humans.” Moreover, scientists observed that dogs tilt their head to the left when they see faces of strong emotions such as anger, fear, and joy. On the other hand, they shift their head to the right in response to surprised faces. Moreover, dogs can even lie to their owners to get more treat. Such unique bond is observed only with dogs, which increased the popularity of the TYDTWDay. Thus, if you are planning to take your dog to the tour of your office, make sure it has its leash, remember to take frequent breaks, and enjoy the day with your little barking love.