My Resume Is Worth A View, But Still Can't Catch an Eye of Manager_ The Missing Factors That Can Get You Interviews
Having Good Resume Is Not Enough to Catch Hiring Managers’ Eyes

Who doesn’t understand the struggle of a job seeker? Update resume-send it out-sign in on job portals-and repeat it till you get an interview call. This becomes routine, but the phone never rings. You recheck the resume for any unseen mistakes, ensure that you have right keywords or not, and still struggle to get the call.

There are few tips and tricks to get out of the resume black hole. Several jobseekers are experiencing the consequences of the new application tracking system (ATS). The main function of these system is to read the data behind the text and not to dwell on the formatting issues. The systems use an appropriate logic in analyzing the resume, yet jobseekers fail to secure one meet with recruiters. Many try to blame it on ATS. However, whatever ATS is doing is on point. It searches for the most qualified and suitable applicants from a large chunk of applications. Though, you cannot control ATS, you can focus your energy on some things that you can control.

The three Ns to get a job are Networking, networking, and networking. There are few starting tips that can help to increase networking circle. Although some may feel silly and stupid about enrolling in a job club or meetup group, it can be helpful. While searching for a job, you get loads of free time, why not invest that time to learn something new and connect with people? Apart from word-to-word networking, digital networking is essential too. Turning on notifications of LinkedIn works! Recruiters scanning for the suitable applicants can pick you up judging by your LinkedIn profile. Never forget to add contact information within the summery, and update LinkedIn profile while making it to the point. The profile should clearly state the qualification, objective, and interests.

The most effective way of networking is to conduct informational interviews. Every jobseeker has one, two, or even fifty desirable companies in mind. Digging the contact information of someone who is already working there can be advantageous. Whether you treat them a coffee, tea, or call them for a quick check-in, securing a call from hiring manager is most important. Several companies offer incentives for referrals. This way, the employee can earn extra money, and you can get an entry in a big firm. When you have an advantage of inside referral, the recruiter knows your value and you can make meaningful connection with the hiring committee. Moreover, it is essential to be chased by recruiters rather than chasing them.

When recruiter calls for an interview, they usually start with the standard “Tell me about yourself” question. The question has become so familiar that people tend to ignore its importance. However, this start of the conversation can turn out to be a branding statement of your career. A confident statement delivered with an elevated pitch can go a long way. Mentors advice that it is best to prepare the answer and recite it couple of times before any calls from recruiters. The biggest misconception among jobseekers is that only a good resume is good enough to get a call from a firm and tend to redefine it repeatedly. However, an exceptional resume does not guarantee an interview. By recreating meaningful connections, delivering a confident statement about yourself, and with loads of patience, a good job surely comes along.