Maybe Artificial Intelligence Is Here to Walk Off with Our Jobs Cry of Americans
Will AI Create More Opportunities or Hurt Our Jobs: Silent Cry of Americans

In the country, where majority of companies are trying to integrate everything with artificial intelligence (AI), its citizens are afraid that AI might steal their jobs instead of creating new opportunities. Yes, you guess it right! Americans are little bit panicky about the advancement in AI.

The whole point of existence of AI is to make human life simpler, easier and technology cooler. Therefore, any technology that we use today, will get a touch of AI sooner or later. However, the major question is will AI help or hurt American workers? Researchers of Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, recently conducted an online nation survey of more than 1,500 adults to understand the opinion of the U.S. citizens about the involvement of AI in their daily lives. Shockingly, about 38 percent of participants think that AI will reduce the job opportunities and 12 percent believe that it will create some lucrative job opening in future.

The survey asked numerous questions regarding the development of AI, including do you expect artificial intelligence to create jobs or increase personal privacy. The research included all age groups from the age of 18 to 65 and all the four regions of America such as Northeast, Midwest, South, and West America. According to the survey, about 14 percent of the Americans are very positive, 27 percent are somewhat positive, and more than 22 percent are not at all positive about AI. However, about 36 percent did not have or chose not to give any answers. The survey was based on both genders and different age groups. About 8 percent of men think more positive about AI compare to women (10 percent) and 26 percent of older people (more than 65 years) are less enthusiastic about AI than the youth, who is somewhat fascinated about AI. When asked about the optimism, 12 percent of Americans are very optimistic, 29 percent are somewhat optimistic, and 27 percent are not very optimistic with the ai technology.

There has been a controversy over whether AI will create new jobs, or it will completely replace human workforce. When asked about the employment impact, more than 37 percent responders feel that AI will reduce job opportunities and merely 12 percent think that it will create new jobs. Moreover, men responders (42 percent) were likely than female to say the AI will reduce job opportunities. Along with reduction in human workforce, the study was conducted to understand the public opinion regarding the impact of AI on personal privacy. Only 5 percent of responders claim that AI will be able to increase personal privacy and 49 percent expect that AI will eventually reduce privacy. Furthermore, when asked about which country the global leader in AI industry will be, 21 percent of the responders picked the U.S. and 15 percent selected China.

China’s government has made its agenda to beat the U.S. in the AI market. However, the leading companies from Apple, Google to Facebook and Intel Corp., every company has unveiled innovative approaches to develop AI. Moreover, several scientists believe that though use of AI has enabled to reduce the workload and boosted efficiency, at the end we need a human touch to make an informed decision. Moreover, for now, no AI can develop another technology on its own. Thus, to develop any job-killing technology, we need humans, at least over the next few decades or so.