north Korea and china

The constitution plays the most important role in governance of every nation. As the time changes, it is essential to make amends in the constitution. But sometimes, those amendments are made in favor of keeping the power. The similar scenario took place in China recently. The amendment in the constitution to remove a clause that limits president of the country to serve at most two terms has been proposed. The President Xi Jinping’s government faced a massive backlash on social media after the proposal. Some of the reactions on social media involved comparison with ruling dynasty of North Korea.

Under the proposal of China’s ruling Communist Party, the clause restricting the President to serve only two terms will be removed. This implies that Xi, who is the chief of the military and the party will never retire. This proposal is expected to be passed by delegates of the party at annual meeting held on next month. The proposal is a part of amendments suggested to the constitution of the country. It also involves addition of political thoughts of Xi to the constitution. Some of the amendments will set a legal framework for anticorruption body along with consolidating grip of the party on power.

Following a huge backlash on social media, the ruling party will need to take massive efforts to convince some of the members to give green signal to the proposal. Chinese people expressed their rage over the proposal, highlighting that the country is following footsteps of North Korea. The Kim dynasty has been ruling the North Korea since late 1940s. After foundation of the country by Kim II Sung in 1948, the Kim dynasty has ruled since. Weibo, the social media giant blocked search term ‘two term limit’ after backlash that erupted in the country. Moreover, some of the articles supporting the amendment and appreciating the ruling party were removed.

Global Times, the widely read state newspaper in China outlined that the amendment does not mean Xi will never retire or be in the office for ever. However, it does not offer much explanation. Addressing the economic reforms that started four decades ago, the newspaper said, “Since reform and opening up, China, led by the Communist Party, has successfully resolved and will continue to effectively resolve the issue of party and national leadership replacement in a law-abiding and orderly manner.”

People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the ruling party reprinted an article by Xinhua news agency, outlining that most people supported the amendments. It also quoted various people who expressed support. The WeChat account of the newspaper posted only positive comments on its article initially. Then it disabled the section for comments on Sunday night and again enabled on Monday morning with comments praising the party. The WeChat account for overseas edition of People’s Daily removed an article that included term limits and published an article highlighting all other amendment proposals. Only time will tell whether there will be indefinite term for President Xi Jinping or not. But it is obvious that this decision will impact the global trade and economy.