Donald Trump, the President of the U.S. has been involved in war of words with the North Korean President Kim Jong-un over its nuclear program. He announced ‘fire and fury’ if the Asian country does not stop the program. However, there are no signs of stoppage of the nuclear program. So, Trump has been seeking help from its neighbors such as China and South Korea in an attempt to put the program to an end. There is no helpful response for him. Recently, South Korea laid a foundation for strengthening relationship between two Koreas by permitting North Korea to participate in Winter Olympics and marching with its athletes during the opening ceremony. China has not taken any significant steps to help the U.S. President despite his visit in November last year. It turns out that he sought help from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Recently, he had a phone conversation with Russian President over the denuclearization of North Korea.

Trump outlined last month that Russia was not at all helping on his agenda on North Korea. He informed Putin in a phone call that there is a need to do more than what they have been doing to stop Pyongyang’s nuclear program. Discussing about the call with Putin, the White House stated that Trump mentioned the significance of taking firm steps to halt the program. The U.S. President also accused the Russian President of assisting North Korea in acquiring international sanctions, which were implemented to stop the pursuit of nuclear missiles that can reach United States. However, Moscow has declined all the claims of upholding U.N. sanctions.

The U.S. has been trying so hard to denuclearize North Korea through various fronts. President Trump visited five countries in the Asia tour in November 2017. His visit to China marked another important phase on issues with North Korea. Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to take tougher stand toward North Korea along with suspension of oil shipments. He has been trying to team up with South Korea as both countries have been conducting combined military exercises. But the gesture of South Korea in Winter Olympics to lay a foundation to start peace talks with the neighbor has faded the chances of getting any help from the country.

Mike Pence, the Vice President of the U.S. traveled to South Korea for Winter Olympics. Pence outlined that Washington would maximize pressure on Pyongyang until it takes a significant step toward stopping its nuclear program. In 2017, North Korea carried out dozens of missiles launches along with conducting its sixth and largest nuclear test against the U.N. regulations. The conversation between Trump and Putin took place after the visit. Russia backed the United Nations Security Council sanctions which were imposed on North Korea last year. These sanctions included a ban on coal exports, which has been believed as a source of the foreign currency used to fund its nuclear program.

The investigation of Russians helping Trump win the White House last year is ongoing. The results of investigation will tell if there was meddling from Russia. These results will be important in determining further steps and trust of Americans in Trump. Though details of the conversations with Putin are not available yet, it is possible that potential steps toward denuclearization of North Korea has been discussed. Only time will tell what stance Russia will be taking on North Korea and how it will affect relationship with the U.S.