Pizza Delivery In Self-Driving Car Industry
Pizza Delivery In Self-Driving Car Industry

The competition in the self-driving car industry will heat up as automakers get their cars on roads. Major auto manufacturers in the world have announced their plans to launch autonomous vehicles and invested heavily into development of technologies. Moreover, government have been supporting them to launch their vehicles by providing subsidiaries and planning infrastructure for power stations. Some of the manufacturers began testing their vehicles, while some are still in the development phase.

Among many applications of autonomous vehicles ranging from ride-hailing services to personal use, manufacturers are considering pizza delivery application. Speaking at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas, Jim Farley, Executive Vice President of Ford stated that the pizza delivery idea may seem sill, but they learned so much from it. Last year, Ford collaborated with Domino’s Pizza to deliver pizza to few chosen customers through autonomous Ford Fusion hybrid car. An operator was inside the car along with another car trailing behind to videotape the incident. Customers needed to go up to the car and enter the number on touch screen to acquire the pizza.

Whatever Ford learned from delivering pizzas, Farley said, they will be applying that to design their vehicles. It learned how customers interact with cars. So, they will determine whether to put a keypad or voice assistant to interact with customers and how the interior should be designed. They also noticed some of the customers saying ‘thank you’ after receiving the pizza successfully. Moreover, they need to determine whether they should enter last four digits of their credit card number or phone number while providing details in the car to receive their own order.

Car manufacturers will be implementing various strategies to sustain in the ever-increasing competition. The delivery application will prove to be one of the crucial applications.



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