Supermarket Bombing

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia said the bombing in St. Petersburg supermarket was an act of terrorism on Thursday. He made the statement while speaking at an award ceremony for Russian personnel who served in Syria held in Kremlin.

“You know that yesterday in St Petersburg a terrorist act was carried out,” Putin told the audience, referring to the explosion that injured 13 shoppers in a branch of the Perekrestok supermarket chain.

FSB security force have begun an investigation of the bomb blast. It held homemade bomb wrapped with pieces of metal responsible for the blast. However, reports from Russian media stated the bomb was kept in a locker where shoppers kept their belongings.

Putin highlighted the FSB security force had recently hindered “another attempted terrorist act” recently. He did not provide any details about the prevented attack, but the Kremlin outlined that a U.S. tip-off assisted in prevention of a planned attack on St. Petersburg’s Kazansky Cathedral earlier this month.

The Russian President also highlighted the ceremony that the scenario in Russia would have been worse if thousands of Russians who fought with Syria’s Islamic State were allowed to come back home.

Commenting on investigative and security measures taken after the blast, Putin gave orders to security forces to not take any chances with their own lives and shoot terrorist suspects on the spot when confronted.

“I yesterday ordered the FSB director to act within the framework of the law when detaining these bandits of course, but if there is a threat to the life and well-being of our employees …to act decisively, not take any prisoners, and liquidate the bandits on the spot.”