Air Force Drills China To Taiwan

China said Taiwan will get used to its air force drills that take place around the island on Wednesday. Taiwan’s premier had been stated repeatedly that the self-ruled island wants peaceful relations with China.

China has always considered Taiwan as its sacred territory and never refused the use of force to show the province is under Chinese control. Its stance toward Taiwan has been hostile since the election of Tsai Ing-wen, from the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party of the island, as the president. The Chinese increased military exercises since his election as the president.

Tsai stated that she wants nothing but peace with its giant neighbor. However, she also outlined she will defend the way of life and security of Taiwan.

State media of China has been covering the military exercises near island of Taiwan in this month. It also showed pictures of bomber aircraft with Yushan, Taiwan’s highest peak in the background.

When asked about continuous drilling exercises and footage released by Chinese air force, China’s policy-maker Taiwan Affairs Office said the defense ministry and the Office had been repeatedly describing these exercises as routine.

“Everyone will slowly get used it,” spokesman An Fengshan told a routine news briefing, without elaborating.

China’s air force conducted 16 rounds of drills close to Taiwan from the past year, stated Taiwan’s defense ministry in a white paper. It also warned that military threat from China was growing day by day.

The democratic Taiwan had not indicated any interest to be run by autocratic China. Moreover, Taiwan’s government accused Beijing of not being able to understand democracy when it criticized Taipei.