China Retaliates To Trump

The People’s Republic of China has retaliated to the statement made by the United States which referred to the former as a competitor. The country has stated that the U.S. has distorted its intentions and in turn, accused the U.S. of adopting a “Cold War” mentality.

The statement became the latest addition to the thinly veiled feud lurking between the two countries. The trouble began after the U.S. President’s first national security strategy document labelled China and Russia its competitors.

The document continued to state that the two countries in question were challenging the U.S.’ power and influence and were “attempting to erode Americans security and prosperity”.

The statement created a furor in China since Beijing has recently made a number of international pledges where it vowed to maintain global peace.

In fact, the Chinese President Xi Jinping even stated at the opening of the 19th Communist Party Congress in October that despite China’s growing influence it will not be a threat to any country. He went on to state that China will not be seeking hegemony.

Trump’s statement has been publicly criticized in China by a number of powerful sources. Chief among these is the Communist Party-owned newspaper, ‘People’s Daily’ which stated that Trump’s words were based on “the old way of thinking that competition rather than cooperation defines the current global environment”.

Thus, Trump’s statements have created an extremely hostile atmosphere in China, one that it will be difficult to diffuse.

However, the spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry, Hua Chunying appears to be trying. In a statement made on Tuesday she urged the two countries to cooperate and unite.

She added that the U.S. and China should “shoulder important responsibilities and have extensive common interests in upholding world peace and stability and promoting global development and prosperity”.