Japan Set Restrictions on North Korea

In a recent report released from Japan, the country stated its decision to impose harsher restrictions on North Korea in a bid to discourage North Korea’s nuclear usage.

The move comes on the heels of North Korea’s newest missile tests. Pyongyang’s latest test almost went undetected since countries like Japan, South Korea and the U.S. while suspicious were left without concrete proof of the occurrence.

However, reports from Cathay Pacific’s crew put all doubts to rest. In a statement made recently, the crew stated that they witnessed the missile’s trajectory back to earth.

In an effort to curb such instances in the future, Japan has now decided to take a stand.

Commenting on the move, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga stated that the assets of over 19 entities and individuals would be frozen.

The country stated that it would extend its restrictions to countries including China and Russia. Businesses likely to end up on Japan’s blacklist include a number of transport firms and financial institutions.

Speaking of the missile test launched by North Korea which triggered its restrictions, Japan stated that it was a “pressing threat” one that had remained “unseen” until date.

In a parallel statement, Mr. Suga said, “North Korea launched an ICBM ballistic missile that landed in our exclusive economic zone and continues to repeat provocative commentaries”.

Mr. Suga added that they would now “increase pressure” on Pyongyang. The “increase” proves that Japan, like its allies the U.S. and South Korea has begun to fear North Korea’s nuclear lust.

In the past, Japan has imposed strict restrictions on DPRK and has even placed a blanket ban on all trade and port calls to the country.

Japan’s latest announcement comes days before a scheduled UN meeting which will take a deeper look into North Korea’s recent activities.