Medecins Sans Frontiers Report Rohingya Death Toll

A new report released by the Medecins Sans Frontiers states that the official number of Rohingyas killed during the conflict in Myanmar has exceeded 6,000.

The Rohingya conflict has plagued the world since it began in August. The violence was sparked off by an attacked staged by Rohingya militants on a military outpost in Rakhine state.

The attack led to a full-blown, one-sided war, waged by the Myanmar’s military. The result was the largest exodus the world has seen in recent times.

Over 500,000 Rohingyas fled from Myanmar choosing to suffer through the perilous journey to Bangladesh where they now live as refugees.

The situation in Bangladesh has been a source of major panic to human rights groups around the world.

The UN has already condemned the “ethnic cleansing” that took place in Myanmar and has demanded that the Rohingyas be repatriated.

In the past, Myanmar has attempted to downplay the situation in Rakhine state, choosing instead to believe that the Rohingya overreacted.

Despite global pressure to change the living conditions for the ill-treated minority, the country has held firm to its twisted views.

Myanmar’s refusal to face the truth was made obvious by its attempts to distort facts concerning the Rohingya death toll. In an official report released by the government of Myanmar, the country claimed that 400 lives had been lost in the violence that gripped Rakhine state.

However, a new report by international human rights group, Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) has found that the number is much higher. The group believes that the discrepancy itself is “the clearest indication yet of the widespread violence” inflicted on the community by Myanmar’s authorities.

The survey conducted found that at least 9,000 Rohingya died in Myanmar between August 25 and September 24 of this year. The group stated that “in the most conservative of estimations” close to 6,700 people died in the violence that ensued.

The group further estimated that close to 647,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh over the course of three short months.

The report has pulled back the curtains on Myanmar’s official lie which stated that 400 Rohingyas perished in the conflict and specified that most of the dead were “Muslim terrorists”.