May's Government Defeated In Brexit Amendment

Prime Minister Theresa May’s government sustained a major defeat after MPs moved to pass a vote that would grant them more power on the Brexit vote.

The verdict is sure to come as a major hit to May who has already suffered a loss this year. The Prime Minister was hit with a blow in June when she lost a majority vote, effectively reducing the power wielded by her Conservative Party.

The Brexit vote was to be an anticipated hurdle for May’s government but in the past she had voiced her determination to see it through. Although her determination did not change the verdict, it cannot be said that she did not try.

Until the final moment, May’s side attempted to cajole the increasingly violent MPs to forfeit their demands and side with the government on the Brexit issue.

The issue began when a member of the Conservative Party moved to include Parliament on the amendments envisioned for Brexit.

The member, Dominic Grieve is a high ranking member of the Conservative Party and a former attorney general of the country.

He believed that it was crucial that others were granted the right to vote on any deal concerning “Exit Day” before it was finalized. “Exit Day” or Britain’s final day as a part of the European Union is currently scheduled for March 29, 2019.

Grieve believes that a momentous occasion like this requires the support of every responsible MP in Parliament. Speaking at the time, Grieve stated, “There is a time for everybody to stand up and be counted.”

Grieve’s statement was shouted down by members of the Conservative Party who believe that he has acted like a traitor.

May too had attempted to sideline Grieve’s amendment at the time stating an amendment at such a late occasion would only disrupt “the orderly and smooth exit from the European Union” that they all desired.