Toni Guy Dead

The co-founder of the popular brand Toni & Guy, Giuseppe Mascolo, died at his residence in England on Sunday.

The death has come as a great loss to the fashion community, which harbors great respect for the brand. Toni & Guy was established by brothers Getano “Guy” Mascolo, and Giuseppe “Toni” Mascolo in 1963.

The brothers were immigrants from Italy who arrived in England in early 1950s and settled down in Clapham, south London.

The brothers later set up the first of their hair salons here in 1963 and opened their first salon in central London exactly 10 years later.

The brothers started off by advertising their “Italian style” hairdressing service in their unisex salon. Over time, the brand has snowballed into a major enterprise spanning numerous countries across the globe.

Toni & Guy has expanded its reaches to include a line of hair and face products, which come with heavy recommendations and price tags. Over time, the Mascolos have ceased to be actual hairdressers and have taken on bigger roles within the organization.

“Toni” Mascolo was the CEO of the firm at the time of his death. The hairdressing talent that gave the world an iconic brand was inherited from Mascolo senior.

The brothers have admitted that their father was a celebrated hairdresser in his own time and taught his four sons to cut hair from an early age. Many analysts believe Toni & Guy has clicked because it was founded in the right era.

The “swinging sixties” were a time for experimentation for both men and women and the unisex service offered that.

In a time where traditional barber shops and woman-only hair salons were popular, Toni & Guy came forward offering stylish services to takers of both sexes.

From a small shop in Clapham, has now become a booming global franchise with over 475 shops in 48 countries.