Chinese Climber died

Popular Chinese climber, Wu Yongning met a tragic end in November while performing one of his well-known skyscraper stunts.

Wu Yongning was a Chinese daredevil of sorts who had amassed thousands of followers on the Chinese social network, Weibo.

Yongning was popular for his thrilling short videos, which showed him on the top of various high rises, without any safety equipment. However, Yongning has been noticeably absent from his social media for the past few weeks.

Amid rising concern from fans, an investigation into the matter finally took place. Reports have now stated that Yongning died after falling from a 62 storey building in the city of Changsha.

Chinese media has reported that Yongning fell to his death while participating in a challenge, which could have given him a large amount of prize money.

Chinese media has confirmed that the 26-year-old daredevil died on November 8, although his death was only confirmed by his girlfriend a month later. She took to social media to ease the minds of fans who had grown anxious since the once active user was nowhere to be seen.

Yongning’s poison of choice is known as “rooftopping,” and has gained great global popularity in recent times.

“Rooftopping” requires individuals to climb extremely tall city buildings without any safety equipment.

All of Yongning’s videos advised viewers not to imitate his performances. Yongning himself was trained in the martial arts, and had even worked in television and film productions.

However, his untimely demise proved that no amount of effort or preparation could protect a man from the risky game.

Yongning kept up his profession since rooftopping provided him with lucrative opportunities.

A close family member stated that the competition that led to his death was worth 100,000 yuan in prize money.

The family member added that Yongning had participated in the competition in the hopes of gaining enough money to propose to his girlfriend and cover his parents’ medical expenses.