Alt-Rights Groups

In a rather frightening move for the internet community, alt-rights groups have now established their own platforms where individuals that cherish these views and air them- without any restraints.

In recent months, public websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have come down hard on people indulging in hate speech. The websites have even gone ahead and blocked a number of users that engage in such behavior and have made it clear that these rules apply to every user regardless of the station.

However, users who believe in alt-rights theories have proved to be resilient. Reports now state that these individuals have gone forth to make a declaration of technological independence from Silicon Valley.

Thus, in a rather fatal move for the internet community, hard rights activists have now vowed to create their own versions of digital services. Additionally, these services will have no restrictions. As such all views would be allowed, no matter how incendiary.

Sources state that over a dozen “alt-tech” companies have now emerged on the technological landscape. Each has vowed to act as a haven for individuals that desire to express hateful, socially unacceptable views about the world.

These websites are crude imitations of original social media platforms. There is Gab, a version of Twitter. Gab began last year, and is already a raging success within the community.

The website counts alt-rights fanatics, Milo Yiannopoulos and Andrew Anglin, the founder of neo-Nazi website, Daily Stormer, among its users.

The community has also created alternatives to other social media websites such as WrongThink, a version of Facebook, PewTube, a version of YouTube, Voat, a version of Reddit, Infogalactic, a version of Wikepedia and GoyFundMe, a version of Kickstarter.

The community has even created WASP love, a dating site where white nationalists can find others of their kind looking to “preserve their heritage”.

Luckily, lack of funding and knowledge mean that most alt-tech websites are poor on quality, and thus frustrating for users to operate. Thus, the monster that is the hate speech, is kept a little at bay.

However, if things continue on this path, eventually alt-tech websites will become a popular reality, one that could threaten the existence of the core values that the society has managed to prop itself upright on.