UK-Based BAE Systems Weapons Deal With Qatar

UK-based company BAE Systems could land a £6bn deal to sell Eurofighter Typhoons to Qatar. The deal would be a massive win for the company and would help save thousands of UK jobs.

The company in question, BAE Systems, employs close to 5,000 people in the UK to build fighter jets. The company mainly works out of the English town of Warton in Lancashire.

The company, like most UK companies, is feeling the pinch left by Brexit. The Qatar deal is likely to result in massive opportunities for the company.

Qatar’s purchase covers 24 jets and extends to include a support and training package from BAE. The company stated that deliveries related to the order are likely to begin by 2022.

Speaking of the deal, BAE’s CEO Charles Woodburn stated that the contract would be the start of a long-term relationship with the Middle Eastern country and its armed forces.

He said, “This agreement is a strong endorsement of Typhoon’s leading capabilities and underlines BAE System’ long track record of working in successful partnership with our customers”.

The Typhoon entered the service with the RAF in 2007, which replaced the almost obsolete Tornado fleet. The Qatar order means that the Typhoon’s future at BAE is safe for the near future.

This in turn means that a big part of the company’s workforce will have job security until the order is complete.

Unfortunately, the order will not have the power to save everyone, BAE Systems admitted that it will have to go ahead with the 2,000 job cuts that it announced in October.

The company has suffered greatly amid the declining military spending among the key players of the global community.

However, it is still the key contractor on some of the most lucrative weapons programs in the world.

The company is also in charge of the US- led F-35 Joint Strike Fighter project, which is widely believed to be the most expensive defense program in the world.