London Snowstorm Continues

According to reports, London snowstorm, which grounded planes on Sunday, is likely to continue hampering airline schedules for the rest of the week.

The storm, which began on Sunday, has left a number of passengers stranded and has played havoc on airline schedules.

Britain’s prime carrier, British Airways has already declared that it will be running on a reduced schedule on Monday despite cancelling or delaying most of its flights on Sunday.

The airline, which operates out of Europe’s busiest airport, Heathrow, stated that the backup had occurred due to low temperatures. It explained that the fall in temperatures had created the need to de-ice “every individual aircraft before it departs”.

The bigger problem however has come to pass on account of the delays.

According to Heathrow’s official website, the delays on account of the storm has left a number of gaps where airline crews are concerned which in turn is affecting the schedule on Monday.

As of now, it is unclear what the storm is likely to cost British Airways in terms of losses.

After passengers took to social media to complain about the conditions, British Airways announced on Twitter that it would provide some passengers with hotel vouchers worth $270 to make up for the inconvenience.

The airline has also made attempts to smoothen the process in other ways. It has waived all ticket change fees for travelers booked through Monday provided they will travel no later than December 18, a week from today.

British Airways is not the only airline that has suffered due to the storm. The weather has played with the fortunes of flights on the other side of the Atlantic as well.

Delta announced that it had cancelled almost 375 flights on account of a winter storm, which hit Atlanta. However, it added that its operations had straightened out on Sunday.

While British Airways is unsure how long the inconvenience would continue, but was hopeful that Tuesday would calm the white storm.