Britain's Lack of Border Preparation

According to reports made by MPs, the UK government is not prepared for any new border controls if Britain leaves the European Union without a free trade deal.

The statement was made after the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) reviewed the current state of the country’s borders. The committee stated that the government’s current assumption that Brexit would have a positive outcome was “reckless”.

They added that refusing to entertain the idea of a “hard Brexit” can put the entire UK border security at risk.

Speaking of the event, the Labour chairwoman of the PAC, Meg Hillier stated, “Government preparations for Brexit assume that leaving the EU will present no additional border risks from freight or passengers”. She pointed out that “It has acted- or rather, not acted- on this basis”.

She continued to state that there was a “huge uncertainty” surrounding Britain’s future relationship with the EU.

She added that against “the hard deadline of Brexit” the government’s lack of action was “borderline reckless” and could expose the UK to “an array of damaging scenarios”.

The criticism from the committee comes on the backs of a statement announcing plans to keep the country’s border with Ireland, “open” were found to be doubtful.

The Irish government has demanded “regulatory alignment” between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This would automatically mean that new border controls will be utterly unnecessary.

However, the motion saw a great deal of debate between Britain and the EU.

The issue began after the Democratic Unionist Party objected to Ireland’s proposal, arguing that Northern Ireland must leave the EU on the same terms as the rest of Britain.

Unfortunately, if Britain gets its way, it would mean that the Good Friday Agreement, which has governed the trade market between the two countries, will be risk.