Google Wins Discrimination Lawsuit

A Californian judge rejected a class action lawsuit against Google for gender discrimination at workplace on December 6, giving a clean chit to Google.

Three former Google female employees filed a lawsuit claiming the firm “engaged in systemic and pervasive pay and promotion discrimination.” The lawsuit stated that female employees were paid less than men, promoted less often, and given lower paying jobs.

They asked the lawsuit to be considered as a class action on behalf of the women who were employed at California office from past four years. All three employees worked at Google’s Mountain View headquarters.

Rejecting the class action status, the judge ruled that considering this as class action was “overbroad”. The judge further stated that it “does not purport to distinguish between female employees who may have valid claims against Google based upon its alleged conduct from those who do not.”

Google told CNNMoney that it conducted its own analysis of compensation packages of employees. The analysis indicated that there was no gender pay gap. The company stated, women receives 99.7 cents to every dollar received by a man.

“As we said before, we work really hard to create a great workplace for everyone, and to give everyone the chance to thrive here. If we ever see individual discrepancies or problems, we work to fix them,” said Gina Scigliano, a Google spokeswoman in a statement.

Further, the firm deploys an equal pay methodology for other businesses, which helps them to analyze their own compensation practices, and eliminate gender discrimination.