Panama Papers Journalist’s death

Recently, released reports claim that the Panama Papers journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, met her end due to a fatal text message sent from a boat at sea.

The incident occurred last month when the 53-year-old was killed in a gruesome explosion that took place on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

A powerful bomb was planted in Galizia’s car, which exploded on command, resulting in her death.  Many believe that the well- known blogger was killed for her criticism of the government.

The authorities have now arrested ten people in relation to the explosion. Of the ten, three have been charged for the crime with reports in the Malta Today revealing details of the investigation.

The authorities have charged, two brothers, George and Alfred Degiorgio along with an accomplice known as Vincent Muscat in relation to the scheme.

All three men are in their early fifties, and have prior criminal records. Authorities believe they conspired together, and placed the explosive on Galizia’s vehicle on the morning of the blast.

The police believe that George Digeorgio was stationed on a boat out a sea, and sent the text message, which trigged the device.

The device immediately exploded, burning down the vehicle, with Galizia in it. Authorities also believe that George was acting on a signal provided by his brother.

The police have also arrested seven other men in relation to the crime. All the men were Maltese in origin, and have been released on bail as the investigation against those charged continues.

Galizia’s family and supporters believe that the investigation is tainted, and have made their doubts vocal. The authorities in question were often targeted by Galizia in her blog.

The deceased journalist had recently been in the news for applying information obtained from the Panama Papers leaks and alleging an illicit connection between the inner circle of the Maltese Prime Minister and the ruling family of Azerbaijan.