Wildfire Breakout In Los Angeles

Wildfires engulfed the adjoining areas of Los Angeles (LA) on December 6. Several homes in Bel Air and some neighborhoods were set ablaze by the fire and 700 homes were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

The wildfire swept around 450 acres by 3 p.m. PT since the beginning at 4 am. Hills and canyons where many movie stars and celebrities have homes torched by the wildfire. Nearly 500 firefighters were deployed to tackle wildfire around the Bel Air Neighborhoods.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti told reporters, “Our plan is to stop this fire before it becomes something bigger.”

City Fire Department reported that four homes were destroyed, and 11 homes were damaged. Helicopters and six air tankers were deployed to control the wind-whipped blazes. Moreover, mass evacuations were conducted in the canyon areas.

Earlier in 1961, a wildfire consumed more than 500 homes, which led to the deployment of new fire-safety and preventive measures.

The wildfire began in the Sepulveda Pass, the spot where the San Diego I-405 Freeway crosses a path from the mountains and links to West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Local authorities closed the freeway for a moment, so people are not able to reach to their job locations. Then, it was partly reopened.

The blaze passed through the hills above UCLA and near the Getty Center, which is the center of one of the country’s leading art museums. It was a part of wind-driven fires that were responsible for destruction of more than 180 homes in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Police authorities said that fire is expected to intensify.