China Canada Step In to clean energy

Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, outlined that China and Canada were stepping into the ‘golden era’ of relationship after meeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Beijing on Monday.

Both the leaders pledged to continue the discussion on a free-trade agreement between the countries.

Trudeau was on a five-day trip to China. His previous visit to the country was a year back.

Li opined that continual exchanges between the top leaders of China and Canada were rare when compared to China’s ties with other nations.

Li said, “It shows that China-Canada relations have indeed entered a golden era.”

He used the same words to describe the relationship with Canada, which were used to describe China’s relationship with the UK.

“And, of course, it also shows that the prime minister has attached high importance to Canada’s relations with China,” he added.

A joint statement on clean energy and climate change was also released during the meeting. Justin Trudeau said this joint statement would become the foundation of cooperation between the two nations and lead to regular meetings on these issues.

They also signed an action plan on energy cooperation. It is an agreement on education changes and import & export of food products between two nations. This would give Canadian exporters of pork and beef better access to the Chinese industry.

Li conveyed that China’s attitude for free-trade agreement between two countries is open, and will continue to explore the feasibility.