YouTube Reels

Google’s YouTube is the latest company to jump on the “stories” wagon. After Facebook, and WhatsApp, YouTube is the next to incorporate the Snapchat created “stories” feature into its interface. The new product has been labelled “Reels,” and works similar to the Snapchat “stories”.

YouTube is marketing the product as an addition to its Community tools. These tools are aimed to provide popular video creators with the products necessary to further their fan base.

As of now, only a select group of YouTube creators will be given access to the Reels. As such, they will have the power to put together a multitude of mini-stories and upload them onto their page.

The stories aim at giving fans a personal, “behind-the scenes” look at the lives of the video bloggers, and allow them to feel more connected to the personality behind the screen.

While YouTube’s Reels is clearly an imitation of the Snapchat story, it does not resemble it in anything but idea. For instance the product is only available to creators that have 10,000+ subscribers.

As such, only established bloggers will receive the Reels, as opposed to the stories on Instagram or Facebook, which can be created by anyone.

Although Reels do not involve the entire YouTube community, the product is seen as a more community-oriented move on the company’s part.

The move is certainly a dire need for YouTube, which has felt the pressure to compete with Facebook’s growing popularity in the video-sphere.

Where YouTube was once the sole competitor on the video market, it now faces competition from both Instagram and Facebook, which have become strong holds for bloggers looking to expand their fan base.

Additionally, Facebook’s wide reach and willingness to invest in the content had made the site an enormous attraction to new bloggers looking to make a mark.