Corbyn Throws Down

Britain’s opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn made a statement today, informing bankers like Morgan Stanley that he was a threat to them. He further stated that he wanted to transform the economic situation in the UK, which enabled speculators to profit at the expense of the common man.

In a statement made last month, Morgan Stanley issued a warning that the atmosphere of political uncertainty governing Britain was a greater threat to domestic investors than Brexit.

The company pointed out that if Corbyn won the mandate, it would radically change Britain’s current free-market economy.

Responding to the statement today, Corbyn posted a video with his fitting comeback. In a biting statement, the 68 year old socialist said, “Bankers like Morgan Stanley should not run our country but they think they do”.

He went on to speak about how such institutes believed people like him were a threat. He said, “They’re right. We’re a threat to a damaging and failed system that is rigged for the few”.

In the past, Corbyn has openly blamed bankers for the 2008 financial crisis, and has promised to increase taxation on the banks and investment funds, which trade out of London.

Corbyn’s thinly veiled threat could soon become the country’s truth. Ever since the current Prime Minister, Theresa May, lost the gamble, she made on a June snap election, the tides have been turning.

May’s fumble cost her party its majority in parliament. This in turn has led investors to reassess their party loyalties. Many investors are now looking for a new leader to take the helm if May’s government falls.

Many now believe that Corbyn would be the perfect candidate. Furthermore, Corbyn’s own competitors believe that he could soon become the newest resident of 10 Downing Street.