German Withdraw From China

According to reports from a trade group, members of the German business community in China are apprehensive of a request made by the Communist Party. The companies have been asked to set up cells in their companies.

The information came on the tracks of a statement released by the Delegations of German Industry and Commerce in China. The group is the official representative of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce in China.

The statement made reported that foreign businesses were facing mounting challenges in the country as the influence of the Communist Party had infiltrated their core operations.

The statement mentioned that the companies would be forced to pull out of the market if the pressure from the Communist Party persisted.

The statement declared that “Should these attempts to influence foreign –invested companies continue, it cannot be ruled out that German companies might retreat from the Chinese market or reconsider investment strategies”.

The group went on to state that it had received numerous reports complaining of the meddlesome activities of the Communist Party.

It spoke of how the Party was attempting to strengthen its influence on wholly foreign owned German companies. These companies had no ties to China, except that they were located in the country.

They were independent entities and would not be governed by the games of China’s political parties.

The body reacted with anger when it received reports that the Communist Party had requested all foreign companies to maintain a Party cell on their premises. It announced that there was no legal basis for such companies to promote China’s ruling party.

The Communist Party has been attempting to infiltrate foreign-funded companies since its President Xi Jinping came to power.