US-based brewing company, Anheuser Busch may have tapped into a heretofore unexplored market. The company hopes to make its “Budweiser” the first beer brand ever served on Mars.

The company announced its spatial plans at an event titled ‘South by Southwest’ held in the early months of 2017.

In a statement made earlier this week, Budweiser announced that it was looking to create a beer “suitable for drinking in space”. The company declared that when people finally made their way onto Mars, they would “toast on Budweiser”.

Budweiser added that it was always “pushing the boundaries of innovation” and stated that the “collective American Dream” had inspired them to work their hardest to make Martian beer a reality.

Speaking of the initiative, the vice president of Budweiser, Ricardo Marques stated that the company was “excited” to begin research that would result in “beer for the red planet”.

As part of the plan Budweiser has decided to send 20 barley seeds into space. Barley seeds make up the core of Budweiser’s secret brew. Thus, 20 Budweiser barley seeds will be dispatched to the International Space Station, (ISS).

The seeds will be packaged in two independent Space Tango CubeLabs. The “CubeLabs” are small box-sized facilities that allow researchers to conduct small- scale experiments.

The shipment is likely to go up on the next cargo supply mission, Space X’s CRS-13.

The mission will take off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on December 4. The seeds will be placed in orbit for a period of 30 days, and will be brought back to earth.

Researchers hope to glean some insight into how the seeds will survive under the conditions of outer space.

Through the results, Budweiser hopes to gain enough information to move ahead with their goal of fashioning a microgravity brew.