Australia Criticizes UK

The UK’s proposed post-Brexit trade plans were met with heavy criticism from Australia, which stated that the plans to split quotas of food imports from around the world was ill-advised.

According to the European Union’s sanctions, a certain amount of tariff-free goods can be imported from countries outside the confines of the EU. However, with UK leaving its place in the EU, a decision had to be made on how the process was to be taken further.

After much discussion, both UK and the EU agreed upon the method of splitting the quotas. The allocation of the imported resources would be made based on where the goods were most likely to be consumed.

However, the decision did not sit well with the Australian trade minister, Steven Ciobo. Ciobo claimed that the agreement would impose a number of unnatural restrictions on the country’s exports.

Ciobo spoke at length on the issue on BBC Radio 4’s Today program. He stated that the “point” of the matter was that the countries currently had a “choice”.  He added that the Brexit decision was likely to lead to a “decline in the quota available”.

His concern was echoed by Dave Harrison, owner of Beef and Lamb, New Zealand. Harrison stated that his company’s finances would take a hit if their freedom of choice in import matters was taken away.

Speaking to BBC, he stated that while European governments were facing “difficulties” on account of Brexit, they weren’t the only ones suffering.

He pointed out that their problems did not justify the inconsiderate attitude being meted out to countries outside the EU.

A number of other countries have come forward to express their opinions on the agreement as well.

Countries like the U.S., Brazil, and Canada, have raised concerns over the quota splitting, and are afraid that it will affect their own finances negatively.